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MBA admissions is a tough game. Learn how to win it with the Scoreleap Admissions Team, the only admissions services in India which works with Graduates from Wharton School of Business, Chicago Booth GSB, Stanford GSB & Harvard University. Our team of experienced consultants puts you in the path to having the future you deserve. ScoreLeap is here for you anytime, day or night. You are not alone in this process, we are your partners in this together, till the very end. At ScoreLeap you take charge of your future.

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Our students get accepted to the best B-Schools across the world including:

The ScoreLeap Advantage

  • the MBA Admission Scoreleap

    High Success rate with Scholarship

    Our team of experts have been in the business since 2007 with a success rate ranging from 90% to 95%, with most of our students receiving handsome merit scholarships!

  • the MBA Admission Scoreleap

    Step-By-Step Guidance

    From selecting the best schools, to building that perfect essay, to your first day at your dream school – we’re with you every step of the way! Trust us to make this overwhelming application process manageable and stress–free.

  • MBA Admission Scoreleap

    Advice For Every School & Every Essay

    ScoreLeap knows that one MBA application essay does not fit all. That is why we provide specific in–depth essay guidance for applications to 50 of the top business schools, including video tutorials and outlining tools.

  • the MBA Admission Scoreleap

    Helping You Get Accepted, No Matter Who You Are

    No quantitative experience? From an over-represented applicant pool -The Indian IT Engineer? Low GMAT Score? No Problem!Our unique process has helped countless applicants get into their dream schools by leveraging their unique stories to create compelling applications


ScoreLeap provided valuable insights while I was struggling to select the most appropriate B-schools, according to my portfolio, and through their accomplished domain-experience and competent storytelling techniques, I could write really powerful essays that eventually got me admit-invitations from 4 out of 6 schools. In addition to their vast experience in B-school admission processes, at a global level, their sincere commitment to get you admitted to your dream school simply catapults you towards your goals and I would always be thankful for Scoreleap guidance and mentoring during the most perplexing phase of the application process.
Testimonials of Radhika Bahl
Radhika Bahl
ScoreLeap mentored me for my B-school applications and I am assured that there is no one out there who could have helped me better. I was lucky enough to find them while I was looking for consultants in Bangalore. Even though I had been trying to sort all the aspects of the application for quite some time, I was still perplexed on how to align everything in a proper order and come up with an exceptional story. My Consultant came to my rescue, helped me to pull the central thread in my story, and make it coherent and compelling. The mock interview sessions with him were also very fruitful and I got to know about the dos and don't of the interview process. Kalyan is proactive, great listener and needless to say a brilliant storyteller. If anyone is looking for help for applications in the B-schools, he should definitely work with Kalyan to strengthen his candidacy.
Testimonials of PANKHUDI SINGH
Comprehension Admission
Service Package
MBA Admission
with Mentor
College Selection
Letter of recommendation
1 College   : 2,00,000/-
2 Colleges : 3,80,000/-
3 Colleges : 5,25,000/-
4 Colleges : 6,00,000/-
5 Colleges : 7,00,000/-
MBA Admission
only Essays
College Selection
Letter of recommendation
1 College   : 1,50,000/-
2 Colleges : 3,55,000/-
3 Colleges : 4,75,000/-
4 Colleges : 5,50,000/-
5 Colleges : 6,50,000/-
MBA Interview
College Selection
Letter of recommendation
1 College   : 50,000/-
2 Colleges : 80,000/-
3 Colleges : 90,000/-
4 Colleges : 1,00,000/-
5 Colleges : 1,20,000/-
*ScoreLeap GMAT students will have 10% discounts on the listed prices
Every Additional School Beyond 5 School Package: INR 1,25,000.00,
(CGST 9% And SGST 9% Is Additional On All Packages)
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